Despite all the denials across the mainstream media, there is, in fact, evidence to support what I wrote yesterday about Antifa (or some other such paid protest group) being involved with the protest to occupy the Capitol. Claims by people like representatives Matt Gaetz and Mo Brooks that Antifa initiated the Capitol protest appear to be legitimate. The Wall Street Journal retracted claims that Alex Jones was encouraging people to enter the Capitol, presumably because of the video Jones released showing him bullhorning the crowd and beseeching them not to enter, but to stay away and remain peaceful. Furthermore, it looks like ‘QAnon’ was also involved. The now-famous bare-chested man with the viking helmet is Jacob Chansley, aka Jake Angeli. He calls himself the ‘Q Shaman’. Others filmed in the Capitol were wearing Q T-shirts. Many well-meaning people have been swept up in the QAnon movement. Reportedly, even Ashli Babbitt was a Q follower. Hopefully people who have bought into the Q cult will now see it for what it is, a psyop. I don’t think there is any question that this was a deep state operation carried out with military precision. It worked perfectly and achieved all of its intended objectives. It emboldened the establishment to shift their attack on the American people into overdrive.

The New York Times, without citing a source, has reported that Trump will “not resign and expressed regret about releasing a video on Thursday committing to a peaceful transition of power.” Based on the source, the NYT, I first thought this was just typical misinformation to bolster support for impeachment. However, I think it may be true, based on new information from retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney. According to McInerney, the president is now in possession of Pelosi’s laptop. See his full statement here and directly below, beginning around 36:20:

Father, please give us wisdom to navigate 2021. Lead us by your Spirit and give us courage to face whatever challenges lie ahead, in Jesus’ name. Amen